The end of Google Reader

The announcement of the upcoming end of Google Reader took many people by surprise. Although I was using the Feeddler RSS app on my iPad, I like the ability to check my RSS feed on any computer. So, off I set to find an alternative that was both easy to set up and easy to use. Top of my list was a solution that did not require me to resubscribe to all of the blog that were already in my Google Reader account.

My preferred solution is Netvibes. This YouTube clip explains quite succinctly the steps I undertook to import my Google Reader subscribed blogs into my Netvibes account:

Netvibes also provided information on their blog that gave step-by-step written instructions:

  • Go to Google Reader and select “Reader settings” under the “gear” image on the right side of the screen.
  • Select the “Import/Export” tab.
  • In the “Export Your Information” table, select the OPML download of your subscriptions.
  • Save “google-reader-subscriptions.xml” when prompted.
  • Go to Netvibes, click on “Add content” then “OPML: Import”, “Choose File” and select the xml file you just saved.
  • Click on “Import”.