Module 1

The Web2.0 course is the perfect opportunity for me to begin to realise the power of the blog I created at the start of the year.   In my new role as Learning & Teaching Leader one of the tools I introduced to staff was setting up a personal teacher blog.  So far this year our teaching staff have been using their blogs to reflect on the journey undertaken in their Professional Action Research Team.  I’ve loved being able to read the weekly reflections of each teacher and responding as often as I can to their posts.  However when it comes to my blog here, well it certainly could be put to better use.
A group of us are taking advantage of a weekly 30 minute Techie Brekkie session to work together through the Web2.0 course.  At first it seemed an interesting concept: face to face meeting to work through an online course however the discussions based on the material presented has been powerful.  Hopefully I can capture some of that conversation in my reflections.
Learning Objectives:

  • Get an overview of Web 2.0 through YouTube.
  • Visit a site for teachers to see a list of Web 2.0 tools with links to tutorial.
  • Get started with Google Apps for Education.
  • Join Google Plus.
  • Learn about Google Plus and Google Hangouts.
Web2.0 tools are a familiar concept to me.  I’ve used some when I’ve seen the need and been aware of a tool that suits my purpose.  I have used Google Forms to collect data, vimeo to showcase photos of student work, Animoto to create a timelapse of garden photos, Scribd to share documents and Wallwisher (now Padlet) to collect feedback from students.  Whilst I have used some tools, the YouTube clips opened up valuable discussion about the changes that occurred in the movement of Web1.0 to Web2.0.  We talked not only about the positive of having information freely accessible  and readily available but also about some of the pitfalls.
The conclusion I had already reached and has only been strengthened with the information in the YouTube clips is that the skills developed through blogging are going to be some of the skills our students need to be participating in the online world.
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