Reading the latest eNews from AITSL and the On the Couch with John Hattie was heartening.  Reading through John’s responses reiterated all of the qualities of a great teacher and much of what our day-to-day work aims to do.  Some of the points John made were:

  • teachers need to maximise student learning
  • we need to support more teachers to teach & lead like the best
  • teachers need support from school leadership
  • decisions should be based on evidence
  • feedback is paramount.

I find it interesting that John talks about parents and the possibility of them being able to choose the teacher they would like for the child.  What would parents be basing this decision on?  What they hear in the playground?  This would be interesting to unpack.

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Embedding Help

There is a wealth of Web 2.0 tools out there for use. One of the features of many of these tools is the ability to embed what you create into your blog. Whilst this all looked easy: copy the code and paste it into your blog post and there it would appear, unfortunately it wasn’t quite working like that.

Never fear, whenever there is a problem, there is a solution too. Edublogs which is the blogging platform this blog is provided from have amazingly helpful resources. It was here that I found a solution to my problem and found out where I was going wrong!

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The end of Google Reader

The announcement of the upcoming end of Google Reader took many people by surprise. Although I was using the Feeddler RSS app on my iPad, I like the ability to check my RSS feed on any computer. So, off I set to find an alternative that was both easy to set up and easy to use. Top of my list was a solution that did not require me to resubscribe to all of the blog that were already in my Google Reader account.

My preferred solution is Netvibes. This YouTube clip explains quite succinctly the steps I undertook to import my Google Reader subscribed blogs into my Netvibes account:

Netvibes also provided information on their blog that gave step-by-step written instructions:

  • Go to Google Reader and select “Reader settings” under the “gear” image on the right side of the screen.
  • Select the “Import/Export” tab.
  • In the “Export Your Information” table, select the OPML download of your subscriptions.
  • Save “google-reader-subscriptions.xml” when prompted.
  • Go to Netvibes, click on “Add content” then “OPML: Import”, “Choose File” and select the xml file you just saved.
  • Click on “Import”.
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2013 Vision

My goal as an educator in 2013 is to provide a safe and secure community environment where learners engage in contemporary practices to develop their full potential as active global citizens following Christ’s example.

Trying to put what I believe and strive to provide for the students in our school into one sentence was challenging. Working as part of a community over the past two years has changed my teaching dramatically and I knew that my vision needed to reflect this. 

Maslow developed a hierarchy of needs and I have chosen the words ‘safe’ and ‘secure’ as representing the satisfaction of those needs that allow learners to participate fully within a classroom environment.

Contemporary practices refers to the way in which teaching has changed significantly.  No longer is “chalk and talk” or the teacher being “the sage on stage” relevant as the dominant strategies.  If a learner is not seeing the relevance to their life here and now, why would they want to learn?

Another reference to Maslow and the triangle of needs is seen in the words “full potential”.  If all of the general lower needs are fulfilled – physiological, safety, belongingness and esteem, then a person can move onto self-actualization or reaching their full potential.  This highlights the interconnected nature of what we do in the classroom.

Long gone are the days of me teaching my students within the four walls of the classroom.  Whilst we have moved to communities it is moving even beyond that.  Through our blogging journey last year we began to highlight the global nature of learning.

Tying this all together we have Christ’s example to follow.  He did things not because He was told, but rather because He believed they were the right thing to do. 


This is what I want for the students of St Elizabeth’s in 2013.



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