3-6 Network

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Attending the first network meeting this afternoon was a valuable experience.  It was such a great opportunity for hearing from other teachers that are also implementing this pedagogy as well as from Kathy herself.

Kathy highlighted a very important aspect for us to remember as we engage in these network meetings – going back to the book or mentor to maintain the integrity of the pedagogy.  This stood out to me when discussing the ERP and the questions I have about how to implement this in a rigorous and sustainable way.  I was asked how long I did immersion for by a teacher quite experienced in the approach.   Reflecting on this highlighted how this is a journey for us all and we are all at different points.  I wish I had thought at the time to ask what this teacher meant by immersion, particularly as this pedagogy refers to immersion as all of the explicit teaching of the term’s subject focus – not just the introductory teaching that most teachers would implement at the start of this unit and what this teacher was referring to.

One of the benefits that I hope does come to fruition is the creation of an online space to share all of our subject focus and learning intentions.  There are not that many different areas of AusVELS that we all need to be spending time rewriting the same learning intentions.  In fact our term focus was identical to another school I discovered late in the afternoon.  If only I could remember which school so I could follow up how this teacher was able to support her students to link their interests with the learning intentions for their ERP!

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